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Help 100 children for their education

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For many families in Northern Thailand, education is a luxury they cannot afford. Education Matters, our scholarship program, supports low income families to send their children to school by covering educational costs including tuition, school lunch and uniforms. By supporting children to complete high school and even attend university, these children will grow up better equipped to provide for their families, thus ending the vicious cycle of poverty, abuse and neglect.


Thailand is a developing country that continues to struggle with the adverse effects of poverty, which puts children at great risk for abuse and exploitation. Children are still being taken out of school and sent out into factories, fields or brothels. This is largely due to lack of finances but other contributing factors include lack of parental education and lack of access to transportation to school.


Education Matters aims to take away the financial burden of education such as school fees, transportation, uniforms and school lunch. By removing this burden from struggling families, they are more motivated to keep their children in school. For most families, this results in a new hope and a sense of worth. Studies show that girls who complete at least a 6th grade oasis88 education often return to transform their communities, so we especially encourage families to send both boys and girls to school.

Long-Term Impact

These children will grow up better equipped to provide for their families by learning a trade or attending university, thus ending the cycle of poverty, abuse and neglect. By investing in the lives of these children and their families, we are investing in the future generations of Thailand. By assisting just 100 students to complete their education, we are affecting potentially thousands of lives. Access to education helps alleviate the problems of crime, drug/alcohol abuse and trafficking.